And so it begins

This week I finally have some answers about the next steps of my life because…I got a job!  A full time job.  A job that big girls have.  A job at a corporation.  And this job does a big thing.  It keeps me in Indianapolis.  It keeps me close to the place where I would have had my last year, my senior year.  And while I know there will be changes, it will be different, I am so relived to know that not everything is going to be changing.  I am still in a city that I know, I will be around people I know, and there are still familiar events that I can participate in.  In some ways I can finally start to feel like I know where I am going in life while still being partially surrounded by the comfort that I have known for the past three years.  The job that I took is not necessary what I saw myself doing after I graduated, but, it is a job that I can do well and a position in which I can grow.  Grow myself, my skills as an employee, and perhaps within the company.

The one thing that I found while deciding if I should take the job offer was that all I really want to do is travel.  And so, while this job doesn’t require my major, it is a job that I can use to get me to my dream of seeing more of the world.  It is the next phase of my life because it can help me attain my next goal in life.

I want to travel and see the world; see the cultures and ways of life.  So many people live a different normal and how can I call myself an educated person if I don’t go and educate myself about the other cultures in the world; the other people in the world.  The world has gotten smaller in the day of technology and yet there is still so much to see and do that it is still a big, big world.  Every person has a story; every city has a different feeling, different people and a different way of life.  I want to experience this first hand.  I have traveled through books, movies and music my whole life but now I want to travel in person to see, touch, smell, and feel the world.

At times it is an idealistic goal and yet I don’t care because I want to do something a little crazy, a little naive, and a little idealistic.

So how do these two ideas collide? Well, next up is a new job, a new company, and a new journey.  But this new job and new company are leading me to the new journey because I can use this job to save; the next few months will be filled with learning new tasks and me trying to save money.  But in the end it will be worth it because I don’t think I will ever look back on my life and regret traveling.