It’s not goodbye

It seems ironic that one of my last days here at Butler coincide with the college decision day.  As I sit here and see my Twitter fill with #butlerbound students, I can’t help but become nostalgic and remember my past three years.  I can hardly believe it has been three years.  As sad as it is, this is the longest I have been at one school in my life.  My unconventional high school years mean that I never actually attended the same school for many years in a row.

I wish that I could have the classic four years here and yet once I started the three year track I felt that I couldn’t change my mind.  I do wish I had done a couple things different, I wish I had chosen a different major, done more activities, made a better effort to stay friends with some people.  But overall, I wouldn’t change Butler for anything.  It is my home; it is my family.  I have loved so many parts and pieces of this campus.

  • I’ve loved being the first face that freshman see when they come on the campus
  • I’ve loved being a part of an organization that impacts hundreds of children throughout the world
  • I’ve loved building relationships that will last a lifetime with some of the best women I know
  • I’ve loved taking classes that expand my view of the world and of society
  • I’ve loved walking across campus and saying hi to the people I know
  • I’ve loved attending numerous basketball games in the historic Hinkle fieldhouse
  • I’ve loved being a part of a community that cares
  • I’ve loved growing, changing, learning, struggling, laughing, crying, screaming, cheering, working, and playing on this campus.

I hate to say goodbye.  Not because I am leaving and finding new adventures but rather because I am not coming back.  I am not coming back for more memories.  I am not coming back for more laughter, more fun, more stress, more learning.  I am moving on leaving the friends that remain behind as I embark on a new chapter.  It doesn’t mean we won’t be friends.  It doesn’t mean I won’t make new friends.  Instead it is the end of one adventure.  The closing of one chapter.

It is always hard to move on.  And while I say I wish I could stay,  I know that even if I did stay for another year I would still struggle to move on and leave behind the school that I love.  This school will always be a part of me; I will always love this school.  So how can I say goodbye to something that has meant so much?

I guess in this way it can never be goodbye but rather “see you later”


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