I’m HERE!!!

Well the adventure has begun and I am only on day two!

I arrived in Seattle and since then I really haven’t had much down time.  I have been meeting the team, unpacking, and getting to know the city.

Yesterday was a day of firsts for me.  My first plane ride, my first time in Seattle, my first time really being by the sea for more then a few hours.  But it was SO MUCH FUN! I found out I really love the view from a plane! I have always wished that I could experience the view from outer space without actually having to be an astronaut and I am pretty sure this is as close as I can be 🙂 Going over the mountains was breathtaking and I am actually really excited to do it again when I fly home.  Not that I am trying to rush my departure from Seattle! Not by any means.  This place is so beautiful and has so much rich culture that I did not know about!

Today was a busy day as well.  Woke up fairly early to go to church.  We went to a Mars Hill church; Mark Driscoll is the head pastor of all the Mars Hill churches.  After church we returned to campus and ate lunch.  After lunch we headed to the historic section of town and took an underground tour of Seattle.  This city has to much history I could not finish a post about it today.  It would probably take a weeks worth of post.  What it boils down to is that there was a city but it burned down and the current city was rebuilt on top of the old city leaving tunnels and crazy cool 1900’s artifacts below the streets.  It was important for our team to see this history and learn the foundation of the city so that we are better able to understand the reason that people are here and the culture that has developed.  This history and culture opened our eyes to the brokenness of the city, how desperate they are and how much they need to hear a message of love and grace.

Then once we returned to the dorms, we had a great time of fellowship and hang time with the team!  Me and few others went outside in a rare day of Seattle sunshine to throw a football around.  And then dinner was a great time to talk with and hang out with other team members.  Everyone is still in the process of learning names so having this chill time was great for learning all the names.  I will learn these names if it kills me…

So that’s an overview of what happened since I left Minneapolis!  I am looking forward to the partnership that we will find with the Department of Corrections (DOC).

Come back soon for another update!!

*God leads us to the broken*


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