Pre-Trip Lessons…

Ya know, these past few weeks (and the next couple) are really testing my understanding of God’s provision.  I was all like “yeah! God provides! He is awesome and totally, always has my back!”  But when faced with the daunting task of raising $1700 more in only 20 days; I am sometimes having a hard time remembering that He does provide and I need to trust.

My trip to Seattle is quickly approaching and having only half my money in my account and the fact that I need much more then that for the trip is really nerve racking.  I know that I need to trust God, and I have seen his provision in other’s lives as they fund-raise.  I have even seen it for this trip in other, non-financial ways.  I just don’t know who else to ask and where to go for more money.  Tomorrow I am calling more people.  I think I have like 10-ish left.  As much as I absolutely HATE begging people for money over the phone I don’t really have any other options anyway.  I kind of feel like I am nagging them when I keep reminding them for money.

So like I said, this week has really been a test for my reliance on God and His provision.  I remember a a sermon I heard about it this past school year and as I have been stressed I have tried to remember the Israelites in Exodus and how they didn’t trust God but he provided manna, water, and a way through the Red Sea.

As I go to work, call people and try to pretend like I am not freaking out about this, I know in my head that God will provide somehow but it is my heart that I need to work on…

And on that note, I am going to read up on those Israelites in Exodus…. 


*God Provides*


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