Seattle 2013!! Prison Ministry!

Hey guys!

So I wanted to update you on my life a little bit!  Recently I decided that I was going to accept an opportunity to go to Seattle, Washington.  I applied on a whim but was accepted and I feel that God has pulled me in that direction.

It is a month long project where we work with the Department of Corrections and in the inner city.  We will be going into prisons to talk to inmates and will be working with the homeless.  It’s almost an internship in a way because we are doing so much stuff with the Police and the DOC.  In fact I could get school credit if I really wanted.

God has just really provided the answers for some questions regarding Seattle and I am really excited to go!  With my major in criminology, this project will teach me things and give me experiences that I believe I will be able to use once I graduate college and am in the “real world”.  I can’t wait to get some front row, hands-on experience in the prison and with the Police.

Now that I have made the decision to go, I need to raise all $3500 that it costs!  Which is a lot of money and I really am trusting God to provide since my account is at $150 right now.  I know that God will not pull me in a direction and then leave me hanging financially but it scares me because when I needed to raise only $1000 I didn’t make it.  I feel like I have more people to send letters to now but not that many so I am just really trying to think of anyone and everyone to ask support from.

I am also trying to prepare my heart for what God is going to teach me and I am really trying to now be in the habit of going to him with all problems because I won’t have anything else when I go to Seattle.  I will know no one and I will be doing mentally and emotionally taxing outreach activities.  I’m not totally scared though! I am also super excited and I know I am going to learn so much.  I can totally put this on my resume too which is awesome 😉

Trust God for all things work together for good!

P.S. if you want to help support me, you can give electronically at: All donations are tax deductible!


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