We are Ambassadors

People watching can be so much fun.  Sitting in the Butler dining hall shows the major diversity of people we have at this school. From the friend groups that take up a giant table to those who sit alone.  From the girls in dresses and skirts to the people who wear sweatpants.  So many people.  And they are all different….

It is so amazing how each and every one of the 7 billion people on the world are different.  I mean God did that! He made all of us so different from each other.  Our personalities, our fingerprints, our dreams and desires.  He has made us different so that we can go out in the world and tell others about who he is and how he loves!

We are Ambassadors for God in this life.  We were sent here to share is amazing message of love to those who are around us.  It can be hard.  It will be scary; it won’t always go our way.  We may never even see the results that happen from the seeds we plant.  That has to be the hardest part for me.  Not knowing if what I am doing is actually working.  That is where trust comes into play.  I mean trust is the biggest part of a relation ship…any relationship not just God!

We never know the stories of the people we see. The lady next to you at the stoplight.  The cashier taking your order at Caribou. The person standing in front of you at the dining hall.  We don’t know their name, we don’t know what story/path God has put them on. But we DO know that he has told us to share his story with all of these people!

So next time you stop next to that lady at the stoplight you can pray for her. You never know what might happen that we can’t see.

Remember: We are HIS Ambassadors!


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