A picture of my crazy life….

*Disclaimer – this is not a post about me complaining; I am so blessed to have this opportunity this is simply a glimpse into the craziness that is my schedule.*

So next week is when us college students at Butler schedule for our spring semester. This creates a crazy, crazy mess. I am a special case because I came into Butler as a sort of transfer student. I did PSEO in high school and came into Butler with a massive amount of college credits that most freshman don’t have. My adviser doesn’t really know what to do with a freshman who is really at a sophomore, junior status credit-wise and wants to graduate a year early. I am trying to fit in so much in only three years but that includes this year. I need to do an internship, take a bunch of required classes that I should have already started, take the classes I need for my major, I want to study abroad and than I need to decide if I want to rush (aka join a sorority). And I have always wanted to be an RA but being in a sorority and also wanting to study abroad don’t really work well together. These are just a few of the things that I have to fit in on top of my regular schedule and homework load.

Speaking of which, my homework load is going to be craaaaazy this next week! Starting with a presentation on Monday, then I have a Spanish composition due on Tuesday, a math project due on Wednesday, a 4 page paper on a book I haven’t read (oops!) due Thursday and then Friday I have a math test! So yeah lots to do, no time to do it in and only God is going to see me through 🙂

That’s the awesome thing about God, he is always there for you. In the crazy he comes down and saves us with is overwhelming love and his forgiveness!

God Saves!


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